Lutron Lighting & Shades

No More Guessing Light Switches

With simplified keypads in each room, all your lighting loads are controlled with a simple button press. Never find yourself flipping all the switches to search for the right one again.

Your Dial for Natural Light

Effortless control of motorized shades make opening a space up to the outside a breeze. For the real magic, advanced light fixtures match the shifting color temperature of your outdoor environment from dawn to dusk, blending the outside world into your living space for an experience you have to see to believe.

Beautifully Lit

Like a director on set or an artist setting their painting in a perfect light, your beautiful space is enhanced with just the right light level from each of your lighting zones for a crafted brilliance.

Elevate Every Moment

"Experience the transformative power of custom shades and lighting. Tailored to your preferences, our solutions not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure energy efficiency and convenience. Let every space reflect your style and intent, seamlessly merging elegance with functionality."

From personalized consultations to meticulous installations, our three-step process ensures a seamless journey to achieving your ideal lighting ambiance. Discover a tailored Lutron experience, designed exclusively for you.

Step 1:

& Select

We begin by understanding your vision. Our experts will guide you through Lutron's expansive collection, ensuring that your selections are a perfect match for your home's aesthetics and functionality.

Step 2:

Measure & Prepare

Our team crafts a tailored design blueprint, integrating Lutron's state-of-the-art technology into your living spaces. Every detail is meticulously planned to achieve harmony and balance.

Step 3:

Install & Calibrate

Our skilled technicians seamlessly integrate Lutron's systems into your home. Following installation, we'll walk you through the intuitive controls, ensuring you're confident in commanding your new lighting and shading systems.

Ketra Lighting: Beyond Illumination

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